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Microfinance Info. System


Project Title

 Microfinance Info. System

Programming Language (Front-End) Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Back-End MS-Access
Operating System Windows XP or Higher


1.Can Add New Group

2.Can Add New Group Member under created group with auto generation of member id and also can modify them.

3.Can Create Bank & track every bank transition

4.Can issue lone for specified period of time

5.Can track loan refund of every lone holder of every week with security , Risk Fund , Security withdrawal

6.Can track every income & expense of any group like salary, office expense, loan from market, reissue of passbook etc.

7.User can view & print several reports like Loan Statement of a Particular Member, Loan Payment List of Particular Group of Particular Month, Daily Income Expense Statement, Payment Receive Statement, Mislinious Income Expense Statement, Security Loan Statement For a Particular Group, Member Details for a particular date (Master Roll), Monthly Income Expanses Statement, and Monthly Payment Receive Statement.

8.The Software is available both single & multi branch option.  Back & Restore of Data at any time

9.The Software is available in both single user and multi user version.